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We had our first trip meeting on 2-2-2012.  There are 12 people on Team 2012 and the first meeting was mainly for us to get to know each other.  Here are some comments from team members about why they wanted to be part of the team:

Jo - I have been with Ocean Stars from the very beginning and went on the first team trip in 2008. I am really looking forward to going back and seeing how our work has moved on during the last five years as well as meeting all the people I met before. The children in SL love having visitors and it is a very special time.

Maureen - trustee and former OST Team member.  By going to Sri Lanka with Ocean Stars I feel that I have a true flavour of what th charity is all about. The Ocean Stars experience has moved and challenged me. Ocean Stars has been a huge part of my life. It has been a joy to have been part of Ocean Stars Teams.

Matt - I have been blow away with the Ocean Stars experience. The friendships and bonds I have formed with the local people have enriched my life. I have been back several times and I am looking forward to going back again.

Peter - Ocean Stars has been part of my life for the last 7 years and I am looking forward to my first visit to Sri Lanka with Ocean Stars. I went to Sri Lanka two years ago on a cricket tour with my Dogmersfield Under 15's Cricket Team.

Dan - I was part of OST Team 2011. Though I have been to Sri Lanka a few times I had never been to the east of Sri Lanka. The difference between the east and the south and west of Sri Lanka really blew me away. I am looking forward to playing with the children and having fun.

Rachel - I have been to Sri Lanka several times before working for another charity based near Negombo. I have never been to the east of Sri Lanka. I teach at Calthorpe Park School in Fleet and I am looking forward to visiting our link school in Batticaloa.

Katie - I have been involved with Ocean Stars from the very beginning in 2005. I like the work this charity does because I can see where the money is actually going. I am looking forward to visiting the projects and also visiting my sponsor child and her family.

Kathryn - I like the the fact that as past of the team we can get personally involved with Ocean Stars and see the projects evolving. I want to give to the people of Sri Lanka as well as bring back skills that I have picked up from the people out there.

Dilanee - I can't believe we are on our 5th OST team trip to Sri Lanka. I am really looking forward to returning with another fantastic team and meeting up with all the wonderful people that we work with.

Helen and Rachel - will be joining the team from Brighton. They both work at St Luke's Primary School in Brighton and are looking forward to visiting their link playgroup and meeting the children and teachers.

Julie - will also be joining us from Brighton. Julie works at Tarneland Nursery School in Brighton and is also looking forward to meeting up with their link nursery school and seeing the well that provides water for nursery pupils that Tarneland fund raised for Ocean Stars last year.



OceanStars :: Friday 18th May 2012 :: This Story

Map of Sri Lanka

Dilanee, Ocean Stars Trustee and Founder has just returned from visiting OST projects in Sri Lanka. Dilanee travelled from Negombo to Dambulla, Dambulla to Trincomalee and from there to Batticaloa. After spending three days visitng projects in Batticaloa Dilanee visited Vavuniya. Here is a summary of what Dilanee did on this trip:



  • Visited the playgroup and spent a morning with the children watching a typical morning at playgroup
  • Met the six new children who have joined the sponsorship programme
  • Visited the sewing project and bought items made by the mum’s.
  • Had a look at playground at playgroup which needs a makeover.



  • Visited Little Stars Nursery which was opened by Ocean Stars in October 2011. Distributed stationary items to the playgroup and gave the children their school uniforms. We spent some time playing with the children.
  • The teacher has a 45 minute walk to playgroup every morning and she said that a bicycle would make a big difference to her life. We were able to buy her a bike so that she can get to playgroup and transport resources more easily.
  • Spent time at the Ocean Stars Lanka office catching up with admin work.
  • Bought a printer for the OSL office.
  • Diana and Kugadarshini our OSL workers have to travel great distances to get to all the projects and requested a motor bike to make their daily work easier and more efficient. OST was able to provide the funds for a motor bike for OSL.
  • Visited a new playgroup that wants support from OST.
  • Distributed new uniforms to all playgroups.
  • Visited our new Palmeirah weaving classes providing local ladies with the opportunity to learn a new skill and eventually earn their own income.
  • Visited painting classes. OST are trying to encourage the women to start selling their creations with a view to becoming a self generating project.
  • Met some sponsor children and families and checked on their educational progress.



  • Introduced Ranchan to all the people at Grace children’s home.
  • Took the children (18) of them swimming at a newly opened local swimming pool. For all the children this was there first ever swim and they were extactic.
  • Bought toiletries for all the children.
  • Celebrated Easter Sunday with everyone at Grace.

Report from Ranchan about the Ocean Stars Team trip tp Sri Lanka, April 2012

Report from Ranchan about the Ocean Stars Team trip tp Sri Lanka, April 2012

OceanStars :: Friday 18th May 2012 :: This Story

Hi every one, greetings from Sri Lanka,

This time I had a great opportunity to visit all our Ocean Star Projects in Sri Lanka with Dilanee.  This was a good experience for me and I got different ideas to carry our projects in Batticaloa.

This is a relaxed and official visit for us, because Dilanee and I sit together without any rush and discuss OSL business.  I always ask Dilanee why don't you spend some more days with us, still I got the answer NO this is the maximum time we can get.  In October we don't have much time to talk about our problems and needs; this is the only opportunity we get to talk about our problems and needs.

We first visited Trincomalee; I was amazed at the parent’s contribution to the play group. They have formed a committee with a leader and organize fund raising activities for the play group.  Some parents are staying till their child finishes the play group. They clean the site and look after the plants.  Also with very limited resources they are doing wonderful things in the sewing class.  Also we have visited the high school.  I am can honestly say that I have never seen such a wonderful school.  We also we visited the primary school.  They really need a lot of help.

In Batticaloa we are very thankful to Dilanee and Team members for providing us with a motor cycle and photo copier.  It will really making our work easy, my staff also very happy about it; they send their greetings to you all.

Finally we visited Vavuniya.  When I was in Vavuniya I was very proved be a member of the Ocean Stars family.  I talk with all the children and ask about their life.  I was shocked no one wanted to leave this home; they feel this is their own home.  Some stories they told me were very sad and made my eyes full of tears.

I enjoyed this time to be with Dilanee, I studied lots of things from her, every thing I saw as learning.

Thank you Dilanee for giving me this opportunity to visit all your projects.  I have learnt a lot of things from you.


April 2012