Report from Ranchan about the Ocean Stars Team trip tp Sri Lanka, April 2012

Report from Ranchan about the Ocean Stars Team trip tp Sri Lanka, April 2012

OceanStars :: Friday 18th May 2012 :: This Story

Hi every one, greetings from Sri Lanka,

This time I had a great opportunity to visit all our Ocean Star Projects in Sri Lanka with Dilanee.  This was a good experience for me and I got different ideas to carry our projects in Batticaloa.

This is a relaxed and official visit for us, because Dilanee and I sit together without any rush and discuss OSL business.  I always ask Dilanee why don't you spend some more days with us, still I got the answer NO this is the maximum time we can get.  In October we don't have much time to talk about our problems and needs; this is the only opportunity we get to talk about our problems and needs.

We first visited Trincomalee; I was amazed at the parent’s contribution to the play group. They have formed a committee with a leader and organize fund raising activities for the play group.  Some parents are staying till their child finishes the play group. They clean the site and look after the plants.  Also with very limited resources they are doing wonderful things in the sewing class.  Also we have visited the high school.  I am can honestly say that I have never seen such a wonderful school.  We also we visited the primary school.  They really need a lot of help.

In Batticaloa we are very thankful to Dilanee and Team members for providing us with a motor cycle and photo copier.  It will really making our work easy, my staff also very happy about it; they send their greetings to you all.

Finally we visited Vavuniya.  When I was in Vavuniya I was very proved be a member of the Ocean Stars family.  I talk with all the children and ask about their life.  I was shocked no one wanted to leave this home; they feel this is their own home.  Some stories they told me were very sad and made my eyes full of tears.

I enjoyed this time to be with Dilanee, I studied lots of things from her, every thing I saw as learning.

Thank you Dilanee for giving me this opportunity to visit all your projects.  I have learnt a lot of things from you.


April 2012