Latest Sri Lanka flood report

The rain stopped two days ago and the water has subsided in most places, some remote places are still flooded.

Ranchan :: Tuesday 18th January 2011 :: This Story

Sri Lanka trees down

Schools and Nurseries

Most of the schools are being used as refugee camps, before the schools can reopen they need to restore normal service and this will take time. The nurseries have the same problem, some nurseries are sill contaminated with dirty water, because of this children could be at risk of diseases and fungal infection – tinea unguam, diarrhea, viral fever etc. Still, we hope to be able to restart most of the nurseries next week.


Some new roads were broken by flood water, most of the village roads are completely washed away.

Sri Lanka floods 2011 displaced people

Relief work

What most of the people say is that they did not receive anything from the government or NGOs. Some big NGOs were willing to help, however, in some places the government did not allow them to do so.

As Member of Parliament Mr.Yogeswaran said

The government has allocated 100.00Rs per day for each adult, but as one coconut costs 60.00Rs this is not enough for 3 meals, people are suffering. 17.01.2011

Yesterday I met a man from the tsunami resettlement area who said

There are some people who could not cook for more than three days because they are paid daily and were unable to work during the floods. Their familes and children are suffering a lot.

With out work how they can get money?

Agriculture and Animals

Vast areas of paddy field have been washed away by flood water, rice prices are bound to increase. Thousands of animals like cows, cattle and chickens have died.