Ranchan writes from Batticaloa about the recent floods

317 mm, the highest rainfall recorded for a day for the last 100 years

Ranchan :: Tuesday 11th January 2011 :: This Story

Sri Lanka storm floodsOn January 9 we had 317 mm of rain which was the highest rainfall recorded for a day for the last 100 years, said a spokesman for the Batticaloa District Meteorological Department Office.

Sri Lanka storm crop damageThe rain has now stopped but a number of dams have burst or are spilling over. Most of the roads are closed because of the water. There is no transport and no electricity. We live in very difficult situation. Thousands of acres of paddy land, vegetables and other crops have been destroyed by the heavy rains.

A number of local families are in the refugee camp. Their immediate needs are both linen - bed sheets, towels, etc. and also dry foods - rice, sugar, milk, dal, etc.

Sri Lanka walking in flood watersAccording to the Disaster Management Centre, the number of people displaced this morning, due to heavy rains and floods, amounts to 212,276 persons from 56,270 families. The majority of them are from the Batticaloa and Ampara districts. The rest are from Trincomalee district.

The Minister of Disaster Management, Mahinda Amaraweera, said that adverse weather conditions in the country have caused the Government a loss of Rs 30 billion.