Batticaloa Floods

Conditions still poor around Batticaloa

Ranchan :: Sunday 30th January 2011 :: This Story

Sri Lanka dam overflowing

Here is a photo of the Addachakal Dam, which continues to overflow, it's near to Batticaloa.

Sri Lanka damaged road bed

People still struggle to get food and linen. We have delivered our 60 food parcels. We would love to give another 60 to some poor people or our sponsored children and teachers.

Sri Lanka road washed away

Nawatkadu Nurseries (Vel Vehile) and their families struggle lot. There are a total of 185 families in the village; if possible we want to help those people - they live in very bad conditions. Food parcels of a minimum 1000.00 Rs (£5.57 Sterling) would be nice.

Ocean Stars has started an appeal to assist flood victims. Please give to our Sri Lanka Flood Relief Appeal.