Fund-raisers go to Sri Lanka

Nine Fleet fund-raisers set off as a self-funded trip to take school and household items to children in Sri Lanka today (Thursday).

Dilanee Bunter :: Thursday 23rd October 2008 :: This Story

Fundraisers go to Sri LankaFundraisers go to Sri Lanka

Nine Fleet fundraisers set off as a self-funded trip to take school and household items to children in Sri Lanka today (Thursday).

They went under the banner of the Ocean Stars Trust, which was set up by Dilanee Bunter of Netherhouse Moor, Church Crookham, after the Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami and has raised £30,000 so far to back more than 15 projects in the country.

They will visit playgroups and schools with supplies collected by Fleet and Hartley Wintney Methodist Churches, schools and individuals, including pencils, pens, rubbers, glue sticks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair bands, soap and hair brushes.

Mrs Bunter, 42 who was born in Sri Lanka but moved to Britian when she was 15 said: "Many families live on an income of about £12 a month with which they have to buy rice and their fuel for cooking.

They don't have anything left over for things like pencils and paper, shoes and clothes."

Mother -of-three Mrs Bunter a teacher and councillor at Linden Education Centre pupil referral unit in Queen's Road, North Camp, said: "Initially it was just in response to the tsunami, but it's now sort of working with the poor communities."

"We've now got a lot of schools on board. We also have a lot of children being sponsored by families in Fleet and Farnborough."

Summercups Day Nursery in Church Crookham has links with Graces's Children Home where the children have lost their parents in ethnic conflict.

Maureen Johnston from the school with accompany Mrs Bunter on a visit to the home.

The Connaught School in Aldershot has links with Kerrari School and Celthorpe Park School in Hitches Land Fleet with Wesley High School, St Catherine's School in Guildford sponsors Thotagaevca Village School.

Of her last Sri Lanka trip Mrs Bunter said:

"On these visits the help is more direct. Had I been at home guessing the repairs sorted it would have taken weeks of months"