June 2018 Newsletter

With the growth and development of projects, there has been lots to do, and challenges to overcome.

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 20th June 2018 :: This Story

Our latest newsletter highlights:


  • Avonbourne Trust in
    Bournemouth are taking 7
    students on an inaugural
    trip to Sri Lanka to visit
    their link schools in
  • New sewing centres are
    opened in Yatiyanthota and
    Karavetty, providing a
    livelihood for 20 local


  • A new team in our local
    office in Batticaloa reflects
    our expanding work in Sri
  • 16 preschools in Batticaloa
    District are registered with
    the zonal education offices.
  • Would you like to be a volunteer Intern for Ocean Stars Trust and gain
    valuable experience in International Development?

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December Newsletter

A round up of all our news this autumn

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 30th November 2017 :: This Story

Dear Friends and Supporters of Ocean Stars Trust.
Thank you all very much for your loyal and committed support for our work in Sri Lanka, empowering children and changing lives. In October I travelled to Sri Lanka with 40 volunteers from the UK.

We worked directly and indirectly with about 3500 children during their visit. Seeing a sponsor child receive his first ever bicycle and hearing him thank us for making a dream come true for him, and the tears in his mother's eyes as he received the bike, was one of many
special moments.

21 students and 4 teachers from Calthorpe Park school in Fleet visited a tsunami village during their stay.

The 75 families who survived
the tsunami in this village had been asked to move back to their own land here recently, so the school group were met by families living in very basic huts with no sanitation, electricity or running water. The students were galvanised into
action to make a difference to these families, and revisited the village with the local village committee and police to distribute emergency aid.

As we approached one hut, a boy came out and ran towards the students and teachers with a big smile on his face, as he was a student at one of the link schools Calthorpe had worked in.  He was so happy that we had made the effort to come and visit his village and to show the local people we cared about them.
The passing of Mr Rasanayagam is a very sad loss to OST. We have supported his work and the
450 children at Mahadeva since 2013, and many OST volunteers have visited this Children's Home,
directed with love and care from dedicated staff.

OST will continue to fund several projects at this well-run Home, including a new preschool building .
I wish all our friends and supporters a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year 2018.

Dilanee Bunter, Founder, Ocean Stars Trust.

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July 2017 Newsletter

Find out how our sponsored children and pre-school children are getting on in Sri Lanka

Chris Booth :: Saturday 1st July 2017 :: This Story

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Page 1: Amali Bunter, co-opted Trustee, reflects on our work and our impact.
Page 2: Our work with preschools in Sri Lanka. Jennie Dunbar, Trustee, talks about her experience with OST.
Page 3: Our sponsorship programme and impact.
Page 4: Richard Oliver, Calthorpe Park School volunteer, writes about his experience.

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December 2016 Newsletter

It’s been almost two weeks now since we returned from our 2016 team trip to Sri Lanka. As on previous occasions, it is taking me time to settle back at home. My head is still full of the sights and sounds we encountered during our time there.

OceanStars :: Wednesday 7th December 2016 :: This Story

It was great to be back, to meet again with our Ocean Stars Lanka team who work tirelessly for us. We ask a lot of them and more than ever I am convinced of their commitment to OST and our dependence upon them as we seek to support and develop our work amongst the Batticaloa community.

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As I travelled around the schools, I met up with many of the teachers who have become my friends. I taught in the classrooms and delight-ed in the smiles and laughter that I shared with the children. I was humbled by the sheer joy evident on a local man's face when he re-ceived his chickens, a gift bought from our gift catalogue. And like the rest of our team I was quite stunned to witness computer classes, sewing classes, English classes all taking place in Hope House, Ama-planthurai, a remote and very poor part of the Batticaloa district.

The work of Ocean Stars continues to progress, affecting and changing the lives of many living in remote and difficult circumstances in the North and East of Sri Lanka. We are very aware that this would not be possible without your support and on behalf of all the trustees, I thank you. Your gifts really are making a difference and changing lives.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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