September 2008 - 1 month to go!

OceanStars :: Saturday 27th September 2008 :: This Story

So, having finally manged to set up a 'blog', now is the time to write a first post! There is now approx. 1 month to go before the Ocean Stars team set off for Sri Lanka, the island of serendipity, for what will no doubt be a trip of new experiences, friendships and hard work! Let me introduce you to the team:

Dilanee Bunter - Founder of the Ocean Stars Trust (OST)
Janaki Jayasuriya - OST trustee
Jo Barton - OST secretary
Kate Whyatt
Bron Lambert
Sharon Gardener
Maureen Johnston
Helen Oliver
Amali Bunter

The team is made up of people from a variety of different places and professions and we hope that during the trip we will be able to communicate and work with the people of Sri Lanka through different methods, whether it be through song, dance, games or even a bit of sign language! In the next week the team are meeting up to go through ideas for activities that we will play with the children, as a major part of our trip will include visiting nurseries around the east.

As the following month progresses, I hope that you will stay 'tuned in' to this blog of all blogs, where we will be keeping you posted with our feelings, thoughts and progress whilst on this adventure!