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OceanStars :: Thursday 23rd October 2008 :: This Story

With just 12 hours to go until we leave, I'm getting more and more excited - yet apprehensive. I've been looking forward to this trip for so long, and now, suddenly, we're off! I know it will be unlike anything I have ever done before, travelling so far and meeting people living so very differently to here in Fleet. But I've heard so much about their enthusiasm, generosity and welcome for our visit. The team is great, too, and I'm looking forward to meeting Helen for the first time at Heathrow. I would like to thank Dilanee especially - it must be really hard work to put together a trip for nine people for nearly eleven days, but she seems to have done it effortlessly, and passed on her calmness to the rest of us.
Anyway, I'm still not completely packed so...see you all tomorrow, Team 2008!

Bron :)