Saturday, 25th October Grace Children's Home, Vavuniya

OceanStars :: Sunday 26th October 2008 :: This Story

Every so often days come along in our lives which cause us to pause, stop even and reconsider... today for me was one of those days.

It began early(!), when Dilanee, Kate and I set off from Anuradhapura and headed north. Our destination was Grace Children’s Home, in Vavuniya , which is ‘home’ to 24 boys aged between 6 and 16, who have become displaced from their families as a result of the war which has troubled Sri Lanka for so many years now.

Graces Nursery

The Home is very close to my heart as my school, Heatherside Infants, has been working with Dilanee and Ocean Stars to support its work there for the last 4 years. It was truly a privilege to spend the day with Mrs Nadarajah who is ‘Mum’ to the boys and the children. We drew pictures, played team games and cricket, and enjoyed a lovely lunch which had been especially prepared in ‘honour’ of our visit. It was truly a very emotional day – my thoughts whirled constantly. These children have nothing of material value, no place of their own to call home. Everything we did with them or said to them they seemed to value. They gave twice as much to me in their own way as I did to them.

As the day went on and they got to know us a little better they relaxed and became more open and even more giving of themselves. There was laughter and in the end there were tears – my tears. To have a home and family is the essence of our security and we take it so much for granted. I’m exhausted now so it’s time for rest. Perhaps ‘Grace will feature in my dreams. I hope so.

Maureen :)