So many stars...

OceanStars :: Saturday 1st November 2008 :: This Story

How do you describe the last few days when each experience has been crammed with so much? Our time in Batticola and the surrounding area has only continued to heighten the emotions of our trip here. The welcome we have had from everyone we have met has been so warm and has just continued.So many Sri Lankans,Tamil and Sinhalese live with constant fear:as if not only trying to rebuild their Tsunami shattered lives is enough, but also living under the shadow and dangers of the inner conflict,fathers disappear ,kidnapped in the night,never to be seen again.

So much has touched my heart I don’t know where to start; a Kurumenvely family’s gratitude to us for visiting their home which was made of bamboo and dried grass;a child’s face light up when they were given a balloon;a widow’s pleasure of receiving a candle:the old man who was sitting on the dirt path gently singing to a child less than a year old as he used a razor to shave the child’s head;the kindness of complete strangers allowing me to use their facilities-a squat in the ground, or the sheer delight from the 4 year olds in Kalkudah,as we blowed bubbles and they tried to catch them in the area they called a playground,empty of nothing but dust and for that short time, laughter. Only a few of the many poignant moments.......there are many,many more and I am sure,before we leave, still more to come.