Pre-trip thoughts

OceanStars :: Saturday 17th October 2009 :: This Story


Last year I fulfilled a dream and took a team out to Sri Lanka to visit the projects of the Ocean Stars Trust. Some of the Team were suitably inspired to go again this year. We have an amazing team of 10 people going out this year. We have met frequently and are super organised for the trip this year. I am looking forward to sharing my birth country with the team and also to meeting up with all the wonderful people who make up the Ocean Stars Team in Sri Lanka.


Looking forward to going out to Sri Lanka again and hopefully meeting some of the wonderful people I met last year. Not looking forward to trying to fit 40kg of excess baggage into my hand luggage. Oh well. Watch this space – or lack of it.


Worries – none apart from the risk of being nagged eight fold.
I am going with an open mind, just going to let the experience surprise me.


Well, what do you do with thirty pre-schoolers who do not speak any English when you speak no Tamil? Have fun I guess. So that is what I hope we can do. Make learning fun for the little ones and have some fun ourselves.
Apart from that, what worries me???…Mossies, humidity and heat. And what excites me?? The chance to see new places, meet new friends and share new experiences.


I too am excited (and a little anxious I have to say ) at the amazing opportunity and privilege to be going to such a beautiful land that has suffered such trauma and maybe contribute something that will bring a little light relief.
I am a little worried that the heat will be hard to take and the lovely wildlife will enjoy biting me! Apart from that I think it is going to be challenging to my mindset and will disturb my comfort zone and give me more than enough food for thought BUT – I am delighted to be going!


I’m so pleased to be returning to Sri Lanka and meeting up again with the people I got to know a little last year. I have concerns, but different ones to this time last year. The flight and the heat, which were my main worries last year, and which I discovered were not as bad as I feared, are replaced by knowing something of the situations we will find, and the wish to do something to help. The driving methods also remain forever imprinted on my mind! Mostly I’m just looking forward to returning to the playgroups, and working with the children.


I am very excited about going to Sri Lanka. I have worked in a similar situation in Northern Philippines. The children there could not speak English. They had lost everything through the Mount Pinatubo disaster. I worked for the EVA charity foundation helping set up schools links. I am not worried about the climate. I want to do all I can and help in every way I can when I get there. I am not too worried about the journey.


I have been to Sri Lanka before on holiday with my family and I am really looking forward to coming to see all the projects Ocean Stars is working with. It will be nice to see and put a face to the people I have heard about and I am ready for the challenge of working with the kids from the playgroups. I know I will enjoy my time in Sri Lanka, but it will be very different to what I have experienced before in my life.