More pre-trip thoughts

OceanStars :: Tuesday 20th October 2009 :: This Story


Looking forward to going to Sri Lanka and meeting some of the people I've heard so much about. Sure it's going to be very different to anything I've ever done and am keen to get started now. Not looking forward to mossies or humidity but am looking forward to working with the children.


There’s much I look forward to – freshly squeezed mango juice, green bananas, monkeys dropping from trees, elephants on the loose – so much to see and appreciate. But mostly
it’ s the people that inspire me. Mrs Nadarajah and the boys at grace, Nihilanthi and all the pre-school teachers, all the EOST staff and of course the children. They give so much and expect so little in return.

I have one big worry. Sleep or if last years experience is anything to go by, the lack of it!
So thanks to Ruth, I have these little blue pills and I’m hoping they’ll help me drop off! I’ll keep you posted on that one!