Sunshine welcomes team 09 to Sri Lanka!

OceanStars :: Sunday 25th October 2009 :: This Story


We arrived in Sri Lanka at 7.10am after a very good flight. We then travelled to our Hotel in time for breakfast at 8.00am. The Sea Shells Hotel was right on the beach and we were to told “chill out” and rest for the day.
I started by having a swim in the ocean. It was really lovely. Then the rest of the day was spent resting and getting to know the rest of the team. We left at 4.30pm for Dambulla and arrived just after 9.0pm, ready to pack things for tomorrow and get a good nights sleep. I’m having a lovely time and enjoying every minute.

Im sitting outside our hotel room at the end of what has, at times, seemed like an endless day. Not really sure what day it is –I know we left Thursday and arrived early Friday so It must still be Friday! It’s great to be back and I’m really looking forward to going to Grace tomorrow and seeing Mrs Nadarajah and the boys once more. Before that, though, I really need some sleep………

It is great to be back, this time welcomed by sunshine rather than pouring rain. Ranga and Sudah are both in fine form though Ranga’s car doesn’t work too well. He is, at present, sitting at the side of the road waiting to get it fixed. It has been a long day though now on the way to Vavuniya to see the children at Grace Children’s Home tomorrow. It will be lovely to see all those smiling faces again and I look forward to football, frisby and bean bags.

Dilanee is breaking us in gently with a day in a beach hotel, just getting acclimatised. Watching the fishermen emptying their boats of the morning catch and repairing their nets was almost biblical. Then to see rice farmers in the paddy fields as we drove inland made our first hours here a great experience.
Looking forward now to the Children’s Home tomorrow.

I have a new definition of bilingual. ‘Two languages spoken by two people’. With little common ground. At lunchtime , the group decided a spot of lunch might be good. So I volunteered to go and order some sandwiches. Having looked at the menu I asked for a selection of fillings – enough for eight people. ‘Ten?’ came the cheerful and polite reply. ‘No’, I said, ‘There are ten in the group but two have gone out. So there are eight’. So that was OK – or so I thought, and I know my Sinhalese is much worse (ie non-existent!) than the waiter’s English. We retired to the lounge to await said lunch. Periodically, a head would pop over the balcony overhead and say, ‘Ten?’ ‘No, eight’. The sandwiches, when they arrived, were eight, but all toasted cheese and lettuce – lettuce? In a toasted sandwich? And chips which weren’t in the original conversation. But when you are bilingual and there are two of you, anything is possible!  Bron

It is great to be back in SL with Team 09. Day one has already has had its supply of laughter. Kate and I went on a tour of cricket shops in Colombo in the morning. I could not work out why Ranga wasn’t putting his car into 1st gear now I know as he is somewhere on a roadside with his broken down car. We have a busy day ahead so I am off to bed now. Looking forward to going to Grace tomorrow. Laters as Yaz keeps saying to me! Dilanee xx