Final words from Ruth...

OceanStars :: Monday 9th November 2009 :: This Story

Play group flowers

Amazing sounds sights and smells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a mad whirl of activity. How do you choose which vendor you will buy from ? Sri Lanka must now earn the name of a nation of shopkeepers!

What a contrast to the other world we left yesterday.I wonder what the children from the playgroup would make of this.  I wish I had a video in my head to replay all we’ve seen. I shall never be able to articulate or adequately tell everyone what it has been like for me.  We talk about life being a journey this has been a marathon one for me.

At the start of this trip I said I had thought I would be taken out of my comfort zone - now I feel like James Bond’s martini - shaken and stirred.

I hope I won’t become complacent—but I fear I will.

My life has been touched and I feel truly fortunate and privileged to have been here.