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OceanStars :: Friday 29th October 2010 :: This Story

The Adventures of Kaptain Kate and Team BAM – Eruvil nursery

E ighty children (or thereabouts)
R ainbow fish + associated activities
U nder the fans the scales went flying
V ictorious, Kaptain Kate and Team BAM emerged in one piece – without a tear in sight
I nspiring teachers worked hard, hand in hand with the Team
L eaving with teddies and smiles on faces, a morning of much joy was had by all
Kate, Ben, Amali and Matt

Lone Worker

So they all set off in their teams
To work with kids and feed them dreams.
Whilst I was left to work alone
With help if needed on the phone.

We travelled down a long causeway
With lagoon and paddy either way.
The village is so very small
Upon an island far from all.

In fact it was a lovely day
With only five youngsters to play.
Out came the fish book and the games
With teacher’s help to learn their names.

I went with memories from last year
The littlest girl is still a dear.d
They all chased bubbles round and round,
Laughter and giggles, such a great sound.

The homes there may be made of brick
But one kitchen’s just a pile of sticks.
No bed, no sofa just bare floor
And a mango tree outside the door.


‘Alternative’ entry by Carolyn, Chris and Kat in the style of Abba singing ‘Does Your Mother Know’

It was so hot, we had such fun, visiting karankulan was a day which we’ll never forget, the lovely teachers we met.
The room was small, the cupboards bare, but the smiles on the faces of the children made us feel so aware, of all the teachers that cared.
We danced in the courtyard, Kat made Carolyn work hard, and then we made a rainbow fish hat. We played with the bean bags, we all wore our name tags, and enjoyed circle time when we sat.

Heads and shoulders knees and toes how we love that song, and the children dance, and they sing along.
Lots of teddies and some biscuits and a little drink, what a lovely morning, we all really think!


27th October Maureen Georgia Dilanee Ranga and Suzi – Veluvil Pre School

“Just a short drive into the countryside….”

..Or a marathon drive deep into the countryside, across a causeway and down bumpy tracks!
The village was very poor with the majority of the residents having been deeply affected by the civil war, but the children at the pre-school could not have been better turned out or smilier.
The school was impressive, with lots of stimuli in the classroom for the children and swings and slides outside. They loved the bubbles that Georgia was blowing for them, and Suzi’s choo choo train , which the parents and teachers also joined! Playdough was a new experience for the children and they loved making snakes with it, and scaring the wits out of Maureen.
So a busy morning, but a very enjoyable one.
Visiting the homes was a different matter; to actually witness the conditions in which these people have to live both humbled and moved us all. It feels so unfair.