Meet the team before take off...

OceanStars :: Wednesday 20th October 2010 :: This Story

Kat Dunbar:
I’M SO EXCITED!! Although, a little nervous that the contents for my back pack are currently spread across my bedroom floor and not packed nicely in my bag just yet!! I am so looking forward to getting to Sri Lanka, I’m really unsure of what to expect so am desperate to get there and see what the country is like and meet the children. It’s hard to imagine what it will be like as I have never been to the country nor have I had the opportunity to work with a charity such as Ocean Stars – I am so pleased that Dilanee has asked me to join the team on their next trip and look to what is ahead!!

I’m very excited about the trip, and a little apprehensive of what to expect when we reach Sri Lanka. I really look forward to experiencing the different culture and way of life that we will see – I’m sure it will be very thought provoking. I can’t wait to meet the children we have had in mind through all our planning!

Having seen the dvd of previous trips I can’t wait to meet the children but the thought of the flight fills me with horror. It seems impossible that the huge pile of teddies and materials on my bedroom floor will fit into the suitcases. Now that the date has finally arrived I just want to get going.

I am off again – insanity confirmed.

Mmmm…no disagreement there. Personally I am thrilled to be going back to the playgroups again. We had such a warm welcome last year from teachers and children alike. I found it such a wonderful experience that I can’t wait to set off.

I’m looking forward to going back for the third time, and excited about staying up in Vavuniya at Grace Children’s Home - not so sure about prayers on Sunday morning at 5.00am though.

Wow, it’s finally here after all the months of planning. I’m really looking forward to visiting this beautiful place and meeting some of the special people who I’ve heard so much about. Not sure what to expect, but I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience, and am prepared to come back changed by it.