Pre Trip Thoughts

Megan reflects on her trip before departure

OceanStars :: Thursday 9th June 2011 :: This Story

Megan Rawlings from Fleet is studying International development at the University of East Anglia. She has chosen to spend her second year placement with the Ocean Stars Trust working in Sri Lanka.

Megan reflects on her trip before departure:

Well I'm all packed and ready to go, and I suppose I'm just waiting. The thoughts that have been going around in my head today were the expected mix of nerves, excitement, wondering how I'll cope with the heat and whether I've remembered to pack everything. But I gave myself some time to go to the woods and pray and think, and now that I have, my pre-trip thoughts are these:

I really hope I can GIVE to the people that I'm going to. I'm so much aware of how much I'll have that they don't, stuff as simple as the fact that I can speak English and they want to. I want to be a vessel for Jesus' love, but I want that love to drive me to give not just what I get from Jesus, but what I have in myself too. I want to push myself, to not return home with anything that I could have left for those at the other end. They will be giving so much to me in hospitality, in keeping me safe, in sharing their culture with me. I hope I can give back to them. Obviously, it'd be good to learn some stuff for my uni course too, and I'm really excited about seeing a new place and getting some elephant snaps! There's so much to learn and see and try and give, and I'm so grateful to everyone that's worked to get me the opportunity. I'm pretty excited. It's gonna be awesome.