Week 4

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OceanStars :: Monday 4th July 2011 :: This Story

Hello Everyone!

Megan teaching english

I will have been here for four weeks on Wednesday, and I really can't believe it. Time is flying! This week I have run 2 3-hour sessions and one 6-hour session of English teaching, which has been really good fun, and seems to be going pretty well. We've had good feedback, anyway! I've also met several other english people here, one lady working for VSO, and two working for the British Council in Colombo, and it's been lovely and very interesting to talk to them about their experiences here.

Joseph told me on Monday that the cat living at the hotel is pregnant, and she had her kittens yesterday! Joseph's going to show me them tonight, and I'm really quite excited. Ooh, and the ladies I was teaching yesterday suddenly made me stand up and started measuring me for a Sari! It turns out there's some kind of event happening on July 30th, which will be a big deal and which we've been invited to, so I'll be going Sri Lankan style!

In the next couple of weeks, I've asked Ranchan if I can start helping out in the Ocean Stars office to get a bit of an idea of how the charity functions logistically, and the week after next I'll be stopping nursery visits (which have been really nice) and starting visiting a painting class, which I'm really looking forward to. It's all go!

And, as ever, thank you for your news and messages. Keep them coming. Love you all lots.

Meg x