Week 5

Megan in Sri Lanka

OceanStars :: Monday 11th July 2011 :: This Story

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much to everyone who sent me comments on my ramblings from last week. It's really good to get everyone's perspectives, and has added to my food for thought!

This week has gone like greased lightning. I've visited one more nursery, worked two days in the OST office, held day-old kittens, eaten my lunch off a plate-sized lily pad, sat through a fabulous thunderstorm, tried some delicious Sri Lankan sweeties, and to be honest, if the time keeps flying like this then I will be too, before I know it.

In the coming week, I'll be visiting a painting class, which Ranchan tells me is in fact fabric painting. I'm pretty excited about it! And hopefully, I'll be visiting a 'mystery painting' group, too, which uses a kind of meditative painting as therapy for those who were traumatised by the tsunami and the war.

And then, this time next week, Ruth will be here!

Whenever I thought about Ruth's arrival before, it was always in terms of the massive chunk of time before her arrival, and everything I'd be doing in it. I completely forgot that once she gets here, I'll only have two weeks to go before I'm leaving again. It really is going crazily fast.

Love you all,

Meg x