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Naomi Booth :: Thursday 28th March 2019 :: This Story


  • Today we carried on making some plans for when we get there, we also came up with some more ideas like paperclip bracelets. We also found out about some changes that have been made to where we are going.
  • We talked about fundraising ideas and more activities for the schools. We have decided to make models of our crafts.
  • Hopefully in the next meeting we will have a go at one of the crafts. I'm really excited. As well as that we need to start thinking about the equipment we will use/need to take with us. Planning the activities makes the trip feel even closer. I can't wait for the trip in October!

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  • Today we added to the list of activities of which we will be presenting soon. We made a team mascot too for our group, group five. I need to find out which vaccinations I need to get for Sri Lanka soon too, which is a bit scary, but I'm sure I'll survive. Not looking forward to it though!
  • We were given gorgeous keyrings today. They were made from paper and glitter and are stunning.
  • We've made a lot more progress today, it's going to be so much fun!
  • We talked about the changes in the itinerary and we made changes and added to our ideas and plans.

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  • So today we started to plan our fundraising ideas and we may be collaborating with Romana, Emily and Abby.
  • I am excited to do the curry night and raise a lot of money hopefully it goes well.
  • Super excited to be at the meeting. Time has passed so quickly, and I can't wait to get fund raising later.
  • We have come up with more ideas for our activities at the schools and were really excited to do them in Sri Lanka. It's getting closer to October and our trip. I'm so excited and can't wait to go!

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"Maisie organised a film evening as her fund raising for Ocean Stars Trust. 40 children and adults enjoyed a karaoke evening performance of the Showman"

  • I'm really pumped up for the trip we are getting closer and closer to the date and I can't wait we are also having good ideas now.
  • Today we continued to plan for the activities. I know I say this very time, but it really does feel so close and every day becomes more and more exciting as the countdown continues.
  • Today we received these really delicate and pretty keyrings! We also came up with another activity that we will present to the rest of the group at a later date. I am quite nervous about the upcoming vaccinations.

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