OST 2019 Trip Team 2

Reflections from their meeting

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 28th March 2019 :: This Story


 It is lovely to have a clear picture of where we are going in Sri Lanka – even if the thought of the longer journeys are a bit daunting! I am looking forward to helping in the pre-schools and have lots of ideas starting to form – I love to sing and read stories so this is definitely within my comfort zone.

After hearing about all the things that we'll be doing in the mornings at the preschools I'm really excited to be there doing it.

 It seems like it's going to be a lot of fun to come up with the games and activities to go with the theme.

Team 2 meeting

Looking at the programme for the trip in more detail brings back lots of memories from last year. It's really exciting to be thinking about how we can bring the story to life and what activities we can develop this year. Its lovely to get to know the team better each time we meet.

I got a flavour of what to expect and what's expected from me. Ideas that need to be expanded re book theme/trains. Activities for children and ways to convey to them. Adapting for children- songs etc.