Team 2 meeting notes

What are they thinking - just 4 months to go...

Naomi Booth :: Saturday 1st June 2019 :: This Story

  • We saw some photos of the preschools, it was really interesting to see the layout and setting of the schools. We talked about some games to play with the children and other activities that they will enjoy. Everyone seemed really passionate about the trip.

  • So looking forward to our trip. I am feeling more and more part of the team and getting to know everyone. Confident that we can fulfil what is expected of us.

  • It has been good to get an update on the situation in Sri Lanka. Planning ahead with ideas for the preschool sessions is helping us all feel positive and hopeful. Its lovely to chat and feel like we are getting to know each other better.

  • Good update about the situation in Sri Lanka – still very keen to go and update about activities with preschools. Very impressed by the amount of preparation work that's been going on! Smaller group than usual but bonding well!