CPS team disappointment at trip cancellation

But they are still happy to be making a difference in Sri Lanka

OceanStars :: Wednesday 5th June 2019 :: This Story

  • Today we had a meeting with our parents about how we are going to continue and the other options we have going forward. Although the news is disappointing that we are not able to go, I am still hopeful for the future.

  • Today we talked about our feelings on the trip being cancelled. Everyone is disappointed but hoping we can go and see the playground that we raised money for.

  • Today was a really upsetting meeting as we got closure on the trip since it was recently cancelled. I am really disappointed but still hopeful that we can go in the future.

  • Today we talked about the schools decision to stay and stop the trip until the country has been stable for a period of time. Obviously everyone is sad and disappointed but its out of our control and we can only hope.

  • When we were told the devastating news that we would not be able to go to Sri Lanka this October I was hugely shocked and disappointed. I have continued to fundraise, knowing that our money is need now more than ever. Even if I have to wait I am determined to go to Sri Lanka and meet the kids.

  • Of course it is a disappointment to be not going however it is still lovely to see the playground and the children in Sri-Lanka are still benefitting from our fundraising. I am hopeful and optimistic that we will be able to go to Sri-Lanka in the future!

  • Overall, a bit disappointed but happy to see where our money is going to. At this point we can only hope for the best. Fingers crossed!