Calthorpe Staff Visit OSL Office

During their visit to Sri Lanka the Calthorpe Park School visited the Ocean Stars Lanka office the hub of our operations in Sri Lanka .

Naomi Booth :: Sunday 30th October 2022 :: This Story

Picture: /files/sri-lanka-2022/490/w288/image-50751489.jpgEach member of our OSL staff explained in detail their roles and jobs within the organisation. The UK team saw a large map showing all the locations of our projects, our child-friendly room where sponsor children come every day to meet with our staff.

The UK team commented on how valuable it was to see our office and understand how the organisation operates on a daily basis.

In the news

Today the 3 members of staff from Calthorpe visited their sixth link school in 4 days.

Naomi Booth :: Friday 28th October 2022 :: This Story

They were welcomed warmly by the staff and students of Navalady school who had missed their UK visitors for 3 years. It was an amazing day for everyone. The visit was reported on the local TV news.

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Meet up

Students and teachers from 5 schools in Batticaloa met up with teachers from Calthorpe Park School this evening.

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Day 2 in Sri Lanka

The OSL team and Dilanee were happy to be together after 5 months.

Naomi Booth :: Friday 21st October 2022 :: This Story

Today they visited Sri Murugan preschool where 32 children were eagerly waiting to greet them. The team sang songs, played games, danced and chased bubbles. It was a first-hand opportunity for Dilanee to see the feeding programme in operation.

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Ocean Stars Trust are currently funding 14 feeding programmes in 14 different preschools. The impact on the welfare of the children was humbling to see and the parents were so grateful that their children had access to a nutritional meal every day.

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Many thanks to Dilini Seneviratne and Narthana 2022 and Fonthill Foundation for funding this programme. Dilanee and the team spoke with 3 parents and teachers who said that the preschool children have gained weight, improved attendance, can engage and focus as they are not hungry. It costs 25 pence to provide one meal for one child for one day.

If you would like to donate and make a difference please do.


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The visit begins

Dilanee and three teachers from Calthorpe Park School, Fleet will be in Sri Lanka over the next week visiting OST projects and link schools.

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 20th October 2022 :: This Story

Picture: /files/sri-lanka-2022/486/w288/image-64834241.jpgThe staff will be visiting 5 link schools as they are planning to return in Oct 2023 with a group of students. Ross , Wendy and Charlotte have been busy preparing for weeks a variety of resources to entertain the Sri Lankan students.They are very excited to be finally on their way after 3 years of no trips due to Covid .

Dilanee started her trip by visiting St Peter's Preschool Yatiyanthota today where she received a warm welcome.

The children sang songs , did some craft , chased bubbles, practiced throwing and catching bean bags and had fun singing the Hokey Cokey. The teachers just managed to fit their resources into their luggage!

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