Day 2 in Sri Lanka

The OSL team and Dilanee were happy to be together after 5 months.

Naomi Booth :: Friday 21st October 2022 :: This Story

Today they visited Sri Murugan preschool where 32 children were eagerly waiting to greet them. The team sang songs, played games, danced and chased bubbles. It was a first-hand opportunity for Dilanee to see the feeding programme in operation.

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Ocean Stars Trust are currently funding 14 feeding programmes in 14 different preschools. The impact on the welfare of the children was humbling to see and the parents were so grateful that their children had access to a nutritional meal every day.

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Many thanks to Dilini Seneviratne and Narthana 2022 and Fonthill Foundation for funding this programme. Dilanee and the team spoke with 3 parents and teachers who said that the preschool children have gained weight, improved attendance, can engage and focus as they are not hungry. It costs 25 pence to provide one meal for one child for one day.

If you would like to donate and make a difference please do.


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