Visit to Colombo City Mission Preschool

with Dilanee

Dilanee Bunter :: Thursday 19th October 2023 :: This Story

By Odile Trier

Picture: /files/sri-lanka-2023/566/w288/volunteers.jpgToday was to be my baptism of fire. Although I have worked with early years children in the UK I did not know what to expect when I arrived at the pre school This school is set in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Colombo. The staff welcomed us so warmly and we were charmed by the children, some as young as two as they sang to us several songs in three languages: Sinhalese, Tamil and English! They listened attentively as Dilanee read a story to them accompanied by actions and translations from the other teachers. They then danced along to a fishy song and got so excited when Dilanee blew bubbles over them as they danced.

After a break for some chocolate milk, they got on with decorating and colouring some hats we had brought along. I was so impressed by their focus, perseverance and fine motor skills. After some more activities the children left with the teddies we had taken with us from the UK, and they also loved the toothbrushes they were given. We were all smiling at the end. Such a wonderful day.

The children looked so smart in their Ocean Stars Tops and little rucksacks. The staff were amazing with the little ones; totally involved and pro-active. I needn't have worried. What a great morning!