Visit to St Peter’s Preschool Yatiyanthota

Dilanee Bunter :: Friday 20th October 2023 :: This Story

Just had an amazing first morning! Up at the crack of dawn, getting all the luggage back out the hotel and in the minibus to take us to our first preschool which was at a Methodist Church (same church as across from Heatherside) an hour away.

We read a story to them, got them to decorate a fish to make into a hat, sang songs, played with beanbags, and games with the parachute. The colouring of children aged 2,3,4 years was incredible. They took time over doing the activity and were so proud of their achievements.

The child had their chocolate milk Milo and a chocolate biscuit which is all provided by Ocean Stars.

We then took the children upstairs into the church to meet with the older children. All children were given a teddy bear hand knitted by people in the UK. For the majority of not all children this will be the first and last teddy they get. They lovingly held them. They were also given a toothbrush. So all those toothbrushes collected by school children are being handed out.

Samuel and myself were presented with a garland of flowers on arrival and on departure some flowers made out of egg shells and material.

An amazing experience for our first morning.

By Lorna

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