3 groups on tours and 1 group in Batticaloa!

A busy day

Dilanee Bunter :: Saturday 21st October 2023 :: This Story

Today has been a busy day with 3 separate groups on tours and one group in Batticaloa!! So here is a quick summary of what some of us have done today.

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Calthorpe Park School: This team started off the day by visitng the Temple of the tooth in Kandy. This is where a tooth of the Lord Buddha is enshrined and is visited by people from all over the world. The temple is adorned with intricate carvings using gold, silver, bronze and ivory. From the temple the CPS team went on to visit a spice garden where they learnt all about the spices and herbs grown in Sri Lanka. They then went on an elephant safari and enjoyed seeing elephants in their natural habitat.

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Lorna and Samuel: Today it was their turn to visit the elphant orphanage. As Lorna says " It was brilliant. We fed the elphants putting food in their mouth and I absolutely loved it. We then went down to the river and got in the water and bathed the elephants!! That was an experience. We then went on a train ride . It was just fantatstic. We chatted to the locals on the train, they bought us food and we had the most amazing train ride!!

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Julie and Scarlett: An elephant orphanage, a train ride, a village tour, a cookery demonstration and an elephant safari!! It has been a busy few days!!

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Dilanee and OSL staff: In the morning we had 24 teachers from 10 preschools visit our office for training on our Assessment Tool. The training was led by two of our own teachers and participating teavhers really engaged with the training and found it a valuable forum for discussing ideas and learning from each other. This was followed by a staff meeting with the OSL team where we revisited the OSL Strategy and looked at highlights over the last year. Odile was given a tour of the Ocean Stars Lanka Office and met our staff and spent time talking to them.


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We have all had different expereinces of Sri Lanka today and tomorrow is the day when all the teams come together at the Riviera hotel in Batticaloa. Also great to think that everyone is here because of the work of Ocean Stars Trust.

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