Day 7

A hot day in Trinco!!

Dilanee Bunter :: Wednesday 25th October 2023 :: This Story

Picture: /files/sri-lanka-2023/575/w288/photo-2023-10-25-17-12-28.jpgToday was Trinco Day in our trip programme and everyone had an early start as we had to leave Batticaloa at 7 am for our 3 hour drive along the East Coast to Trinco.

The Team from Calthorpe Park School as well as all the other volunteers first visited preschool in Vellaimanal which has been supported by Ocean Stars Trust since 2005. We then moved on to the secondary school in Trinco where the UK students led workshops for the SL students. This was followed by a singsong in the midday sun on the school courtyard involving around 400 students.

Picture: /files/sri-lanka-2023/575/w288/img-5729.jpg Picture: /files/sri-lanka-2023/575/w288/photo-2023-10-25-17-12-28-1.jpg

Here are some reflections by our team.

Lorna and Samuel

Today, Wednesday 25 October we went on a three-hour journey each way to Trincomalee, to the north of Batticaloa on the coast.
This is predominantly a Muslim area. We visited the preschool and were entertained by the children; and then we did some activities and gave them the teddy bears.
We also visited the secondary school where Samuel spent the morning playing basketball and football with them in very hot sticky temperatures.
We then went and had lunch at the manager's house of Ocean Stars for the area.
After we went swimming in the Indian Ocean! Saw a cow on the beach and monkeys.

Julie and Scarlett

On Wednesday we had a wonderful day in Trincomalee where we were entertained with wonderful singing and dancing at the pre-school, before a delicious lunch at the project manager's house.

I met with our sponsor child Rimsha and her Mum and two younger siblings. She is now 12 and has just done some school exams. Rimsha wants to be a doctor in the future. Her family are very grateful that her education is being supported.
A visit to the beach with a lovely swim in the sea was just what we needed to cool off in the afternoon.

Picture: /files/sri-lanka-2023/575/w288/photo-2023-10-25-17-12-32-1.jpg  Picture: /files/sri-lanka-2023/575/w288/img-5735.jpg

And from the students of Calthorpe Park School


I have really enjoyed every aspect of the trip so far. It's been a really eye-opening and enjoyable experience that won't be forgotten. The children are such fun to work with and I love seeing how happy they are to see us and how engaged they are in our activities. Not only in schools but around Sri Lanka it's also been so great to experience a completely new and interesting culture.



The trip has been so wonderful and all the children are so kind and welcoming  - they listen so well and are just so excited to do the activities we have planned for them. It's really lovely to see a smile on their face and get to know them more throughout the sessions.



If I had to describe my whole Sri Lanka experience I would say it has been incredible. I have loved every aspect of it - from exploring different places all around the country as well as working with members of the Ocean Stars Team. One standout moment would be meeting all of the children that Ocean Stars has helped at the annual sponsorship evening. It was amazing to see how many families had been helped by the charity. I also enjoyed the tuktuk ride and Jeep safari as they allowed me to experience some uniquely Sri Lankan activities. Overall, the whole experience has been so amazing, and it will be something I will definitely never forget.



Honestly, the whole experience has been amazing, but if I had to pick a special moment, I think today would have been one, when two boys learnt my name and would get so excited to call me across the classroom and ask my opinion on their work. Watching all the children's faces light up when you are able to understand them and have a short conversation in English or even tell them you love what they have done is truly an incredible experience and it was worth every pound of fundraising. The trip as a whole is an amazing experience from visiting schools to more tourist attractions like the safari. I am so happy that the children in years to come will have more of the Ocean Stars team coming to visits them so more life-changing memories can be made.

Picture: /files/sri-lanka-2023/575/w288/photo-2023-10-25-17-12-29-1.jpg Picture: /files/sri-lanka-2023/575/w288/photo-2023-10-25-17-12-33.jpg