Day 10

Final day in Colombo

Naomi Booth :: Saturday 28th October 2023 :: This Story

The final day of our trip has been spent in Colombo. Our teams have been visiting temples, seeing the sights of Colombo, shopping for gifts to take home and relaxing by the pool. Julie and Scarlett visited the Methodist Church in Kollupitiya .

The day ended with our final trip meeting. The whole team involved in the trip were there so around 40 people. A friend of Dilanee's called Yasmin came to this meeting and met all the volunteers.

It has been a truly amazing 10 days. The impact the teams have left on the communities they visited is immeasurable. The following numbers of children and families have connected with a team member over the last 10 days.

  • 5 link schools: 5000 + children
  • Preschools visited by the teams: 1000 students and families
  • Sponsorship evening: 170 students and parents
  • Variety Show: 1000 + students and families
  • All 40 members of the trip team will be leaving Colombo tomorrow and going back home.

Goodbye beautiful Sri Lanka. You will always be in our hearts.

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Our last day - today we had a tour around Colombo and some shopping. Unfortunately, I've also got a chest infection so had a visit to the hospital to get some antibiotics. So it's been a quiet day.

We had an end farewell meeting with everyone involved on the trip. It was great hearing everyone's thoughts and how sad we feel to be leaving Sri Lanka. We leave the hotel in an hour - 11 pm for a 2:30 am flight and will be home by 8:30 am Sunday morning - 11 hour flight.

This last week and a half has been amazing. I'm so sad to be leaving; but hopefully I'll be back next year. Xx

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