CPS team 2017 second student meeting Monday 9th January

Student comments on fund-raising ideas and feelings about their trip

OceanStars :: Wednesday 15th February 2017 :: This Story

Olivia: I feel confident that we have a large bank of ideas. We now need to come up with a list of resources we need for these activities.

Lyssie: Today we focused more on planning. I think our plans have progressed rapidly as we managed to come up with new ideas.

Tamzin: Getting the activities ready makes it so much more exciting because now are thinking specifically of the children not just the trip itself. I am saving all my old clothes for a car boot sale and I am making cakes for a cake sale.

Nina: I am very excited about planning the lessons for the children and seeing how they unfold. I am also feeling more confident about the lessons having done some planning and brainstorming.

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Yasmin: I am really excited about planning our activities. The more we talk the more ideas we think of. I just hope we make sure all of our resources are ready. I am also ready and excited about fund raising and I have some events coming up.

Anya:  I am really excited about teaching lessons because we have brainstormed lots of ideas and should be able to complete the preparations in time.

Emma: I am looking forward to doing all the activities and games with the children. I am also looking forward to seeing their reactions to the activities we do with them. 

Alicia: I am really excited to start planning the activities for the children and teaching them. I have already started fund raising and I have made £50 so far. I have only sold half of the sweets.

Sam: I am feeling a lot better about the fund raising. I need to look into the materials needed for fund raising.

Samantha: I think we have some good activities and ideas that the kids will love!! The fund raising is slow but we have some thoughts about what we can do and have made plans with people to do cake sales and e-mailing companies to ask for donations.

Lauren: I think we have a lot of good ideas and achievable activities for the schools. As far as fund raising goes I am just beginning. I have got some sponsorship for the walk.

Patrick: I did a car boot sale with my mum but we only made £14. I have also sold some of my old things like Lego sets; comics etc and I have now made over £150. Also I am decorating my Auntie's new flat for £50. It is looking good!

Jess: I am really excited to teach the lessons and meet the children but I am a bit worried that we won't have enough resources or they won't enjoy the activities but I think they will.

Grace: I am very excited and feel a lot more confident with what activities I want to with the children. I also have more ideas for fund raising.

Katie: I am excited to teach the children new games and I am feeling a lot more confident about teaching and being in charge.

Ilay: I am really excited for the trip because we have already thought of the activities that we can do and if we plan them properly we could feel up the whole time.

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