Upcoming Trip

With 120 sleeps to go before their Sri Lanka adventure Calthorpe Park students reflect on their trip

Chris Booth :: Tuesday 27th June 2017 :: This Story

Ben Tolmie: I am looking forward to experiencing the people and culture of Sri Lanka. I am not sure how I am going to cope with the heat.

Chris Sutton: I am looking forward to all the amazing activities that we are doing and I am happy and impressed that we broke the £5000 barrier with our fund raising.

Nina Skingley: The £5000 total so far is amazing. I am starting to get really excited about the difference we will be able to make to the lives o the children we will see. As the trip creeps closer our lesson plans are beginning to take shape and I feels like we are going to be ready to arrive in Sri Lanka and get to work.

Yasmin Bascal: I am getting more excited ahead of our trip. I am happy with our fund raising total so far and I am currently planning to do more to help reach our targets including doing Henna and making cards.

Patrick Hogan: I am very excited because it is only 120 days to go until we leave and I am very happy because we broke the £5000 fund raising barrier so we are getting close to our total.

Emma Walker: I feel excited and happy that so far we have managed to reach a total of £5000 for the trip as there isn't that long to go.

Grace Penny: I am very excited for the trip and I am less worried about reaching the final total with our recent progress.

Alicia: I am really excited about the trip and also excited to see the children's faces when they get the resources we are taking.

Ben Tyler: I think the trip will be great as it will increase my knowledge of different cultures and also be a chance to socialise with people unknown to me.

Lauren Lucas: I am anxious about the length of time away still and cannot imagine being there!! However I am proud of the fund raising I have done so far.

Samantha Griffiths: I am really nervous and I feel like I have a lot left to do in preparation for the trip. I can't imagine being there in 120 days and I can't wait to experience the different cultures. I might be able to bring emotional support to the group.

Sam Usherwood: I am nervous about being away from my friends and the heat in Sri Lanka. Ilay Digreggorio: I am feeling excited for the trip and I am proud of the group for raising £5000.

Anya Thurlow: I am excited for the trip even more now because it is getting close and our lessons have to be fully planned soon.