CPS Team 34 days to go

Reflections on their upcoming trip to Sri Lanka

Chris Booth :: Tuesday 5th September 2017 :: This Story

Olivia: I am very excited to be going in October , this year has gone so quickly! I am sure all the fund raising and he work put into the trip will be worth it when we get there and meet the students.  

Lyssie:  I am now very excited for the trip! I am excited to see the children's faces light up when they receive all the supplies we have collected.

Nina: It feels like yesterday we were having our first meeting. And now we are preparing to leave! I can't wait to get there and see where the money we have all been working hard tor raise is going and experience the culture.

Yasmin: It does not feel like it has been almost a year since we had our first meeting with last year's team! I am really excited and cannot wait to go to Sri Lanka. We have finished the preparation for our activity and are really looking forward to sharing it with the students in Sri Lanka.

Ilay: I think we have everything ready for Sri Lanka and have all the supplies. I am very excited however i don't know what I am going to do for the variety show.

Anya: I am really excited for the trip as it is coming very quickly now.

Emma: I am excited to go on the trip and to teach the kids in Sri Lanka. I am also excited to see how different the culture is there compared to here. There isn't long to go yet after waiting now if really feels like we are going.

Alex: I am very excited about going on the trip and can't wait to go. I am not nervous about anything at the moment.

Sam: I am very excited about the trip and it is amazing how quickly the time has gone since the first meeting.

Lauren: I am really excited to go to Sri Lanka. I can't believe it is only 34 days away. I think that we have organised our lessons well and think the children will really enjoy it.

Samantha: I am really excited about going but we've still got lots to do but once that is done then I will be really nervous about it yet excited for the trip.

Ben: I am feeling really excited for the trip. I can't wait.

Patrick: This trip gets more exciting by the day and as we are finally only 34 days away it feels unreal. Our lesson has finally been completely organised and I can't wait to use it over there in Sri Lanka.

Jess: I am getting very excited for the trip and I can't wait to get there. We have a few things to sort out regarding our activities but we are 95% sorted. I am a bit scared about performing at the Variety show but I think when we get there it will be fun

Grace: I just can't wait. I feel like it has come so quick and all the effort and fund arising will be worth it!!! I can't wait to see all the children's faces and have so much fun.

Ben: I feel like I can do more fund raising and I feel excited to try new foods and face new challenges on this trip.

Katie: I am now really excited about the trip it being so close. It all seems very more realistic now that we have the kit....I look forward to getting to know everyone even more.