Team 2 in Sri Lanka

Find out how they are getting on in Sri Lanka

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 24th October 2017 :: This Story

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Day 3 - Trincomalee

Five members of team two had the chance to experience the beautiful sights of Sri Lanka, the elephant safari and the delicious Sri Lankan food. We had already fallen in love with the country but as soon as we arrived in Trincomalee we had the chance to see another even more inspiring aspect of the Sri Lanka community. We immediately joined the rest of the Ocean Stars team and had the chance to see first-hand how the Ocean Stars funds are used. It was great to see the joy on the faces of the local children who received bikes purchased by Ocean Stars supporters. Boxes of very cute and fluffy chickens which will support sustainable livelihoods of families were handed to families in need. However.  The most excitement was generated as the boys from the local cricket team all crowded around and peered into a huge bag which contained a full set of cricket equipment.

Finally the team walked across to the house of a local villager, where the  wide of a local fisherman and her 5 year old son happily received a boat donated by a generous sponsor. We then came together as a whole team again where we finished off the afternoon with tea and cakes, which took me right back to that first evening where excited but anxious team two participants sat in Dilanee's front room to start the planning of this life changing experience. 

Aidan and Chris

We arrived at Trinco to find ourselves in the middle of the various gifts donated being given out to individual children and families.

Seeing children at the gate so grateful and happy to receive a pair of shoes to wear or a bike to ride to and from school was so humbling. For each of them it meant so much and a number of them  struggled to express their feelings. However, their reaction and smiles said it all.

Being asked to give 20 chicks each, to the mothers of two families so they could have fresh eggs was both emotional and humbling. We were in the midst of people who had so very little and yet their faces and reaction meant they had received so much.

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Although we had heard so much about Sri Lanka and Ocean stars whilst preparing to visit, it is only when you experience a day like today that you realise just how special and important the work  is that Ocean Stars is doing.



Team 2 - ready for Sri Lanka

Find out what they are thinking as they prepare for their avdenture

Chris Booth :: Wednesday 13th September 2017 :: This Story

Reflections from Ocean Stars Team 2 meeting on Thursday 7th September 2018


I am looking forward to the trip. Nice uniform. Hope I can keep up with things and be helpful. Quite exciting!!


Good to meet everyone again and test individuals technical and IT skills. Sudden realisation that we only have 6 weeks to go and last minute preps of things that need to be done.


Time has gone so quickly. I am excited now that we have our lovely t-shirts. I feel part of the team.


Time seems to be rushing in on us now. But the excitement is growing now. It is really good now to be getting the plans in place for the sessions. I have enjoyed working with Julie and Maureen on planning the teacher training day. We now need to flash these out even more. It was lovely to see and hear about the Calthorpe Park group. Thank you for your organisation and leadership.


I am feeling happy and confident. Looking forward to the trip.


Another great meeting and pleased to hear that it won't be our last. Lovely to see everyone again and discuss some final plans. Time is running out.


Not long to go now! Very excited and can't wait to get stuck in.


Suddenly the trip is very imminent! With 6 weeks to go, the fine details are coming together. It's been exciting to plan the teacher training and the pre-school sessions in more detail.

Picture: /files/latest-news/269/w288/img-4280.jpgAIDAN

So much to do and so little time to do it!!! It is now so close, really looking forward to the time in Sri Lanka. Another great time spent planning and learning together


Everything is shaping up for a great trip. Excited to see how the teacher training runs.





Team 2 Workshop Reflections

What are they thinking about their upcoming trip to Sri Lanka

Chris Booth :: Sunday 9th July 2017 :: This Story


It was good to meet the team and to get a clearer picture of what we will be doing. Also to get a feel what some of the groups will be like regarding their locations. I am really excited about the trip. I will receive so much from the children, and I hope will be able to give in experience of working with children. Thank you for a very helpful day.


Really good to meet the rest of the team and to see how it is all getting together. Good team atmosphere, lots of enthusiasm and expectation. Being approached to undertake D.I.Y. tasks at the preschools (following general conversation with Maureen last night) was unexpected but welcomed. I am looking forward to offering this service and to be able to help in this way. Roll on October.


It was a great session. Really made me think about what activities to run and the implications of what we are doing.


It has been great to meet everyone and plan activities together. I am now very excited for the trip in October.


It was a wonderful session. Full of good ideas and thoughtful suggestions as to how we can make the days in Sri Lanka memorable for the children and families. Everyone is contributing and it feels like one family pulling together and supporting each other.


So good to meet the rest of the team for the first time and to discuss in detail what we are going to do in Sri Lanka. We have lots to plan and to look forward to.


It was great to finally meet the group and to bond with the team members. It is good to get an expectation of the different environments we will be facing and how best to prepare. I was grateful for the time and inside knowledge provided by Sandra.


It was nice to meet the other members of the team. After only 2 meetings there is a lovely team spirit, good inter co-operation and support for each other and sharing of humour. Organization is becoming clearer and it was good today to work on practicalities. With every meeting I have a little more understanding of what life is like for the children and families. I have a growing excitement and today was particularly good in seeing how the things I want to achieve with my Heatherside children fits with what we are going to be doing in Sri Lanka.


It was great to meet the rest of the group. Trip is becoming very real now and the activities have started to be planned. There is lots to prepare and lots to look forward to.


It has been really good to meet the whole team. Plans are coming together well. Collecting resources and starting to cut out templates makes it feel very real! It gets more exciting every time we meet.


It was really great to have the whole team together and get planning our activities in more detail, although James and I definitely need to practice our Scottish dancing.

Team 2 meet again

This is their third meeting to discuss itinerary and more...

Chris Booth :: Saturday 29th April 2017 :: This Story

Julie: I am looking forward to beginning to plan the activities and thinking about things the children will enjoy doing. It's really helpful learning about previous experiences from those who have visited before.

Kamran:  Can't wait for the trip.

Heather: Looking forward to working with others in the group to arrange activities.

Dan: Seeing the itinerary take shape is very exciting, looking forward to being creative and planning the activities.

Jen: Really great to hear from Maureen and Sandra about their experiences and to be given some tips and advice for when we are there!

James:  Excited to see the children and interacting with them. Very busy schedule but all coming together now we have our teams.

Lorna:  I really want to go. The group are absolutely lovely. So I hope I can go.

Shahana: Feels like it is falling into place. I am also pleased that the fund raising event is coming together.

Team 2 have their 2nd meeting

Let's find out how they are feeling...

Chris Booth :: Tuesday 21st March 2017 :: This Story

Julie: Excited and looking forward to the challenges ahead. Nervous about all the things that have to be planned and remembered but feeling supported in this friendly group.

Kamran:  Clear and encouraging.


Dan: Excited to go back to Sri Lanka with a new Team. I am very impressed with everyone's fund raising efforts. I must get something sorted. May be another walk.

James:  Very excited! Nervous about taking classes but excited as well.

Heather: Very excited and looking forward again to visiting Sri Lanka, a little apprehensive perhaps.

Jen: Having discussed the trip in more detail, I am even more excited to get out to Sri Lanka.

Shahana: Excited but a bit nervous about getting organised and managing the heat out there. I enjoy being part of the group.

Lorna:    I really want to go. The group are absolutely lovely. So I hope I can go.