Team 2 - ready for Sri Lanka

Find out what they are thinking as they prepare for their avdenture

Chris Booth :: Wednesday 13th September 2017 :: This Story

Reflections from Ocean Stars Team 2 meeting on Thursday 7th September 2018


I am looking forward to the trip. Nice uniform. Hope I can keep up with things and be helpful. Quite exciting!!


Good to meet everyone again and test individuals technical and IT skills. Sudden realisation that we only have 6 weeks to go and last minute preps of things that need to be done.


Time has gone so quickly. I am excited now that we have our lovely t-shirts. I feel part of the team.


Time seems to be rushing in on us now. But the excitement is growing now. It is really good now to be getting the plans in place for the sessions. I have enjoyed working with Julie and Maureen on planning the teacher training day. We now need to flash these out even more. It was lovely to see and hear about the Calthorpe Park group. Thank you for your organisation and leadership.


I am feeling happy and confident. Looking forward to the trip.


Another great meeting and pleased to hear that it won't be our last. Lovely to see everyone again and discuss some final plans. Time is running out.


Not long to go now! Very excited and can't wait to get stuck in.


Suddenly the trip is very imminent! With 6 weeks to go, the fine details are coming together. It's been exciting to plan the teacher training and the pre-school sessions in more detail.

Picture: /files/latest-news/269/w288/img-4280.jpgAIDAN

So much to do and so little time to do it!!! It is now so close, really looking forward to the time in Sri Lanka. Another great time spent planning and learning together


Everything is shaping up for a great trip. Excited to see how the teacher training runs.