Team 2 Workshop Reflections

What are they thinking about their upcoming trip to Sri Lanka

Chris Booth :: Sunday 9th July 2017 :: This Story


It was good to meet the team and to get a clearer picture of what we will be doing. Also to get a feel what some of the groups will be like regarding their locations. I am really excited about the trip. I will receive so much from the children, and I hope will be able to give in experience of working with children. Thank you for a very helpful day.


Really good to meet the rest of the team and to see how it is all getting together. Good team atmosphere, lots of enthusiasm and expectation. Being approached to undertake D.I.Y. tasks at the preschools (following general conversation with Maureen last night) was unexpected but welcomed. I am looking forward to offering this service and to be able to help in this way. Roll on October.


It was a great session. Really made me think about what activities to run and the implications of what we are doing.


It has been great to meet everyone and plan activities together. I am now very excited for the trip in October.


It was a wonderful session. Full of good ideas and thoughtful suggestions as to how we can make the days in Sri Lanka memorable for the children and families. Everyone is contributing and it feels like one family pulling together and supporting each other.


So good to meet the rest of the team for the first time and to discuss in detail what we are going to do in Sri Lanka. We have lots to plan and to look forward to.


It was great to finally meet the group and to bond with the team members. It is good to get an expectation of the different environments we will be facing and how best to prepare. I was grateful for the time and inside knowledge provided by Sandra.


It was nice to meet the other members of the team. After only 2 meetings there is a lovely team spirit, good inter co-operation and support for each other and sharing of humour. Organization is becoming clearer and it was good today to work on practicalities. With every meeting I have a little more understanding of what life is like for the children and families. I have a growing excitement and today was particularly good in seeing how the things I want to achieve with my Heatherside children fits with what we are going to be doing in Sri Lanka.


It was great to meet the rest of the group. Trip is becoming very real now and the activities have started to be planned. There is lots to prepare and lots to look forward to.


It has been really good to meet the whole team. Plans are coming together well. Collecting resources and starting to cut out templates makes it feel very real! It gets more exciting every time we meet.


It was really great to have the whole team together and get planning our activities in more detail, although James and I definitely need to practice our Scottish dancing.