Team 2 have their 2nd meeting

Let's find out how they are feeling...

Chris Booth :: Tuesday 21st March 2017 :: This Story

Julie: Excited and looking forward to the challenges ahead. Nervous about all the things that have to be planned and remembered but feeling supported in this friendly group.

Kamran:  Clear and encouraging.


Dan: Excited to go back to Sri Lanka with a new Team. I am very impressed with everyone's fund raising efforts. I must get something sorted. May be another walk.

James:  Very excited! Nervous about taking classes but excited as well.

Heather: Very excited and looking forward again to visiting Sri Lanka, a little apprehensive perhaps.

Jen: Having discussed the trip in more detail, I am even more excited to get out to Sri Lanka.

Shahana: Excited but a bit nervous about getting organised and managing the heat out there. I enjoy being part of the group.

Lorna:    I really want to go. The group are absolutely lovely. So I hope I can go.