Community Project in Sri Lanka

Sewing projects

Helping ladies to set up and develop a small business to enable them to contribute to the family income.

"I was so pleased to hear about the lady who had a sewing machine donated to her and now has her own dressmaking business. I like the fact that Ocean Stars is encouraging people to support themselves rather than just receive hand-outs and I believe that is the way forward. It gives those people a sense of their own worth and pride in themselves to be able to provide for their families."


Enabling sewing businesses in Sri Lanka

Computer classes:

Paying for teachers to instruct adults and children in computer skills so that they are able to communicate and work in the modern world.

Sponsor a teacher


Sponsorship programme in a hearing impaired community in Batticaloa.

Supporting children within a sponsorship programme that works in extremely poor communities

Sponsor a child

 Computer skills classes in Sri Lanka

Building work & wells

Building Preschools, digging wells, supplying toilets in the poorest of rural communities.

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Building pre-schools wells and toilets

Fishing Boats

Providing fishing boats so that families can generate an income from the sale of fish. One boat can be used by up to three families.

Buy a boat

 Buy a fishing boat for families in Sri Lanka

You can help by...

Picture: /images/w288/make-a-difference.pngBecoming an 'Ocean Star' and making a regular donation that can be used to fund, for example, teachers' wages.
  • Buy a sewing machine to help someone start their own business.
  • Making a donation towards building projects that Ocean Stars Trust is always being asked to fund. A building suitable for a Preschool and the wider community costs up to £9,000, and a well costs up to £5,000.
  • Buy a boat from our gift catalogue to enable a number of fishermen to support their families.
  • Sponsor a child for £15 per month. A child who lives in a family where one or both parents are hearing impaired and therefore find it difficult to find work and to support the family
  • Sponsor a child from a poor community that has come to the attention of Ocean Stars Trust. Enable parents to buy school resources and provide the extra tuition for a child to succeed.

Every penny counts so please give a donation, however small.

By donating and sponsoring children you are making a significant difference to a poor community and the families that live there.