Get Involved with Ocean Stars in Sri Lanka


You can make a one off donation now safely and securely through or with a cheque or BACs payment.

You can give regularly helping the trust to plan it's efforts and ensuring our projects keep going.

We offer may ways other ways to donate including Sponsoring a Child, Giving a Gift or by using your buying power...

Sponsor a Child

We offer a Child Sponsorship scheme in Sri Lanka. By giving every month you can help disadvantaged children and their families gain a better quality of life.

You can also sponsor a women's craft class or sponsor a teacher.

Give a Gift

Every year we produce a gift catalogue so you can give gifts not only to those in need in Sri Lanka but also to your loved ones, those who have everything they want and would rather your money was spent helping others.

Find out more about our Gift Service!

Buy at

So you shop online... did you know you could be giving money to Ocean Stars at the same time? Find out how this works and how it helps us here.


Not only do we run events throughout the year that you can come to, but there are also amazing people who compete in fun runs and half matathons for us. Find out about all our events here.