Sponsor a child, teacher or livelihood project in Sri Lanka

Sponsor a child - £15.00 monthly

You are able to exchange letters and photos with your sponsored child. Also, through volunteering you may be able to visit your sponsored child and see for yourself the difference that sponsorship makes.

  • You will be helping a child to access education, opening their eyes to a world of opportunities and a brighter future.

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  • You will also be providing more far reaching benefits to their family and community.
  • You will be helping  lead communities to a  sustainable way out of poverty

It is simple.  You can make a difference to a child's future now.
When you send us your details, we will send you an information pack about the child you are sponsoring.
Sponsor a Child Form

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Sponsor a teacher- £25.00 monthly

£25 a month (or £300 a year) you can sponsor a teacher's salary. 

Nursery school teachers are not paid by the government so this is another way you can make the difference to a child's education.

Sponsor a Teacher

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Sponsor a livelihood project - £15.00 a month

This women's livelihood project takes place each week.  A group of women meet and learn new craft skills.  The items they make are sold giving them the opportunity to earn a small income.  £15 a month will provide materials to ensure this class continues.Sponsor Classes

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Sponsor a preschool - £120.00 a month

£120 per month would sponsor a preschool for a year. This would pay for teacher' wages, upkeep of the building, resources etc. (or £1440 for a year).Contact Us

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