School Cultural Links

Secondary Schools

As of end 2017 Calthorpe Park School, Fleet, will have made five annual trips to visit four different schools in the Batticaloa area in the east of Sri Lanka.

A total of 76 children will have experienced this cultural exchange which concentrates on music, sport and drama. Four teachers accompany every trip with between 10 and 21 children going each time. The annual trip also includes visiting tourist areas of the country to experience the wider cultural aspects of a different society.

Another school is currently planning for their first visit in 2018.

 Links between secondary schools in the UK and one in Sri Lanka Read how the School Cultural Link has impacted upon this school in Sri Lanka in their Impact Statement. Impact Statement

"The experiences we get on this trip are not written in books. The learning opportunities on this have no end." (CPS Student 2016)

"This is an amazing experience that my daughter will never forget and is an experience that we as parents will never be able to give her. She has come back inspired and full of confidence and gained several life skills along the way. Sri Lanka was really special. Thank you." (Parent of CPS Student 2016)

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Cultural Link Enquiry

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10 Preschools here in the UK are currently linked to 10 Preschools in Sri Lanka supported by Ocean Stars Trust. Children send pictures, letters etc. on a regular basis as well as fundraise for their 'linked' Preschool. These links help the children build on their awareness of other cultures as well as developing empathy for those less fortunate than themselves. The playgroups also send resources including stationery and pencils as well as gifts to the wider community such as soap, toothpaste and clothes, all of which are delivered during the annual visits.

UK preschool cultural links with a preschool in Sri Lanka

Bavani and Pathini from Sorruwamunai preschool talk about their link: "We are very happy to have a link with a preschool in England.

Our children like the drawings they send us. We send them pictures and we like to see photos of England.

This is very good for our children."

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Cultural Link Enquiry

 Parachute gift for preschool

Church Links

Fleet Methodist Church has been linked with Mandur Church since 2015 with another Church, the United Reformed Church, Fleet, joining the scheme in 2017. 

Church members from Fleet have visited Sri Lanka, have been involved in services as well as helping with Sunday School.


Church cultural links with a church in Sri Lanka

Manchula and Sasimekala from Mandur Methodist Church feel very connected with Fleet Methodist Church. "We are so happy that Revd Dan and Fleet church members come and visit us and spend time with us and talk to us and listen to us. This is very useful for our community."

Are you a Minister or church member who is interested in setting up a Church link?

Cultural Link Enquiry

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