Sponsor a preschool teacher in Sri Lanka

Ocean Stars Preschool Teachers

Ocean Stars Trust supports 30 preschools in Sri Lanka. We have two tiers of support. Full support is where we pay all the teacher's wages, provide uniforms and school bags for the students, resources for the preschool, training for the teachers and uniforms for the teachers. Soft support is where a preschool receives uniforms and resources, but the teacher's wages are not paid by Ocean Stars Trust. We currently have around 65 teachers working in our preschools and Ocean Stars pays the wages of 37 teachers.

The teachers at our soft support preschools receive a small salary from the government. However, this is not a regular source of income as it depends on the economic situation of the country.

Sponsor a teacher

Our Ocean Stars Teachers really value the regular monthly salary that they receive from OST.

The teachers also receive a Saree every year as their work uniform and a work bag for their teaching resources.

Sari for a preschool teacher

Sponsor a teacher- £25.00 monthly

£25 a month (or £300 a year) you can sponsor a teacher's salary. Preschool teachers in remote communities are not paid by the government so this is another way you can make the difference to a child's education. A well motivated, happy and inspiring teacher can give a child a positive start through their education journey.

37 teachers are currently being paid by Ocean Stars Trust in 2023. The number of teachers varies each year according to the preschools we support.

The teacher's monthly sponsorship costs £25. From this £15 goes directly to the teacher as a monthly wage. £7 goes towards travel to the Ocean Stars Office for meetings and teacher training. £2 goes towards admin and monitoring.


  • Sponsoring a specific teacher for £25 per month by setting up a Standing order and paying £25 a month
  • Setting up a Standing order and paying £300 annually for a specific Teacher
  • Setting up a Standing order and paying £25 a month for Teacher Sponsorship general
  • Setting up a Standing order and paying £300 annually for Teacher Sponsorship general

Please email us oceanstarstrust@gmail.com and let us know how you would like to help us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sponsor a teacher

Teacher Training

July 2019

Teacher Training forms an important part of our work. The sponsorship money for teachers enable them to travel to Batticaloa twice a year to attend high-quality Teacher Training which then enhances the quality of education received by our 900 + preschool children.

Teacher Training July 2019: A 3-day residential Teacher Training for 60 preschool teachers organised by Ocean Stars UK and Sri Lanka and funded by Fonthill UK.

Sponsor a teacher

 Preschool teacher training July 2019

October 2019

This one-day Teacher Training event was attended by 75 teachers. The teachers learnt about using Megabloks to teach about Shape, Forces and thinking critically. The teachers were then given Megabloks to take to their preschools so they can put into practice their learning with the children.

Sponsor a teacher

Preschool teacher training October 2019

Teacher Testimonials

My name is Suganamathy and I work at Kurumanveli preschool along with two other teachers. Ocean Stars has supported our preschool since 2007. We are so grateful that we can receive a regular income for our families. I have a daughter and a son, and I am able to support them with their daily needs and education with my monthly salary. Thank you, Ocean Stars, for your support and to my sponsor for paying my wage every month.

Sponsor a teacher

Suganamathy from Kurumanveli preschool, Sri Lanka

Vannakam my name is Kayalvily and I am a Field Officer for the Preschool Bureau in the Eravur District. My job involves visiting every preschool in our district to make sure they are running according to the standards of the preschool bureau. I always notice a difference when I visit preschools and teachers sponsored by Ocean Stars UK and Lanka. The teachers are always happy and well-motivated. They always teach creatively and have wonderful support from the staff of Ocean Stars Lanka. I would like to thank the UK teacher sponsors as they make a huge difference to the lives of the teachers in our district.

Sponsor a teacher

 Kayalvily and I am a Field Officer for the Preschool Bureau in the Eravur District

Vannakam our names our Bavani and Pathini from Soruwamunai preschool. St Luke's primary school in Brighton has sponsored us since 2008 and we are so happy and thank them so much for helping us an income while we work. Our monthly wage means we can support our family by buying food and clothes for our children. The teacher sponsorship scheme has changed our lives.

Bavani and Pathini from Soruwamunai preschool

Bavani and Pathini from Soruwamunai preschool