Volunteer Feedback

Student Volunteers

"Amazing trip. I loved every second of every day. I feel very privileged to be here."

"I really enjoyed the cricket match. The students were very friendly."

"This trip has been a reality check for me. I realise how much we have at home."

"The experiences we get on this trip are not written in books. The learning opportunities on this have no end."

"This has been the best experience of my life."

"I have enjoyed every minute. I have learnt how easy it is to talk to people and make friends even if we do not speak the same language."

"This trip has been a huge eye opener for me. Seeing how the students aspired to speak English will stay with me. "

"I will never forget this trip. The students here are so grateful for everything. At home students don't value things in the same way. I will remember a lot about this trip."

"No meeting is ever wasted. Every interaction is precious."

"This trip has really changed me so much. I will be a different person for the rest of my life. I feel guilty about all that I have at home."

"I found the visit to the Tsunami village very moving. I have made some amazing friends."

"This trip has changed my life. The children's smiles at little things were amazing."

"This has been an amazing experience. The warm hospitable welcomes will stay with me forever. I feel I have made a difference and that is a special feeling."

"This has been an outstanding and amazing experience."

"The most important aspect of this trip is the unity between the students of the UK and Sri Lanka. The smiles have been inspirational. Just by being here we are making a difference to people's lives."

"I have adored every second of this trip.     
Words cannot describe all the feelings I have inside me. "

"The children here don't have any shoes and I have so many shoes at home. "
"I loved every second. I am going to miss all the smiles."
"We are so proud of this group of students. You have been outstanding. (Teacher)"

Teacher feedback

"The most enjoyable day was working with the students at Vipulananda School. They were so eager to learn to play samba, worked so hard even outside under the sun, and learnt the whole piece in a morning. They were then able to perform at both the sports day and the variety show. The cheer that went up when it was announced that I would be leaving the samba instruments made clear just how much they had enjoyed it. Every day was a totally new experience on this trip, with amazing sights to look at, delicious food everywhere, and people who could not be more welcoming. I certainly won't forget my amazing trip!" Ross
"The trip was again an incredible experience despite having been before, every time is a different experience and brings new challenges and incredible experiences with working with the Sri-Lankan students. The work of Ocean Stars is wonderful and really benefits so many communities and young people in desperate need of help." Rachel
"Thanks to all the Trustees who toil away in the background to make these trips possible!" Wendy


Parent Feedback

"First comment after hug at airport was "it was the most amazing thing I have ever done. Best week of my life."

My son's words.  "Amazing.  Best time ever.""
"This is an amazing experience that my daughter will never forget and is an experience that we as parents will never be able to give her. She has come back inspired and full of confidence and gained several life skills along the way. Sri Lanka was really special. Thank you."

"Our son had a fantastic time on the trip. He thoroughly enjoyed the sightseeing elements and was overwhelmed by all the experiences in the schools and with the hearing impaired community.  Thank you for a life enhancing experience."
"It has been a fantastic experience that our daughter will benefit from for years to come. It was truly a trip of a life time. She has gained so many life experiences that go beyond those of a normal tourist trip. Thank you so much."

"My daughter learnt a lot about a new country its culture, its history and people. She came back appreciating her fortunate position in life. She is more aware of others and their difficulties and misfortunes in life. She has gained in confidence. She has a greater appreciation of people's culture and how they manage."

"Our son enjoyed being welcomed like a celebrity. He was amazed that he was able to communicate in spite of the language barrier. He realised how privileged he is in the west. He was impressed at how happy and resilient the children in SL are. He says that words cannot convey what the experience was like for him."

"My daughter enjoyed both parts of the trip. She has gained in confidence and realises how important a role education plays in the lives of children in Sri Lanka.    
Thank you so much for everything."

"The trip was extremely rich in culture and experience.    
The charitable work, fundraising and teaching in the schools in Sri Lanka was helpful in building confidence. Teaching in the schools was a favourite part of the trip and has left wonderful memories for life."