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Teams of volunteers regularly visit Ocean Stars projects and preschools in Sri Lanka every October. Volunteers are active in the classroom for a morning session as well as visiting children in their homes after lunch. Here they witness the living conditions of these very poor families in rural communities around the country.

Independent volunteers

'Independent volunteers' visit throughout the year and volunteer in the Mahadeva Children's Home as well as Preschools.

Student volunteer with school children in Sri Lanka

Volunteer with Ocean Stars and make a difference to every child and adult you meet.

What we offer:

  • A life changing experience
  • To make friendships for life
  • Gain exposure to a new language
  • To work in challenging circumstances.
  • Have patience, determination and a willingness to share your skills.
  • To work with children in preschools in remote villages.

If you would like to volunteer with Ocean Stars please request a Volunteer Pack now.

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Volunteers with pre-school children in Sri Lanka

Volunteer Feedback

Team 2 Feedback July 2018

July 2018

JL: I have learnt to appreciate other people's culture.

AH: I enjoyed doing the sports with the older children and dancing and singing songs.

CP: It was clear to see the impact of OSTs work. In several of the villages I visited the underprivileged families were obviously grateful for the access to education and for the chance to interact with foreigners.

TR: I learnt that I could interact with kids much better than I previously thought.

SS: I so feel that OST is impacting positively and to see the joy on the faces of the children as activities and games are completed is always heart-warming.

AS: On this trip I got many experiences that I will never forget. I will be a better person in the future.

Feedback from Avonbourne College Volunteers July 2018

Avonbourne Volunteers

Student 1: I learnt that people poorer than us are much richer in happiness and the children made us reflect on ourselves.

Staff 1: I think the work we did was amazing and was so nice to see how happy the children were and the positive impact it had on them.

Student 2: I learnt to be more grateful for what I have at home.

Student 3: I got to see the huge impact that OST is having on the communities.

Staff 2: I feel as if we made a positive impact on the children as we bought a bit of happiness into their lives.

Student 3: I've become more educated about Sri Lanka culturally.

Student 4: I feel honoured to have been a part of this experience.


Team 2 Feedback October 2019

2019 Volunteers

OA: I was able to see first-hand what an influence Ocean Stars has on the lives of so many children.

KA: I have found myself in lots of new situations during the week and that has helped me develop my confidence no end.

AW: I have learnt how to work with people who are so different to me.

LD: I enjoyed being given responsibilities during the trip.

DB: Just being at the preschools the impact that Ocean Stars has on rural communities was evident.

RW: I feel I learnt more from the children and the staff than they learnt from us about values and the human spirit.

ZK: It's been a brilliant trip. Enriching in so many ways.

LO: The diversity of the people we worked with during the week: young and old, Tamil, Sinhalese, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim,  hearing impaired, UK, Sri Lankan... Just a mind blowing experience.

Feedback from Cameron, Joon, Gemin & Amour September 2019

University Students Volunteering in Sri Lanka

3 students from University of East Anglia who have just completed a Master's in International Development spent 4 days with Ocean Stars Lanka... They visited to understand how the charity operates on the ground in Sri Lanka. They spent the morning at Shining Stars preschool to see how OST manages their preschool operation. One of the students commented

"I am very impressed with the work of Ocean Stars UK and Lanka. The preschools are regularly visited and monitored by OSL staff and the children are happy and the teacher feels supported by Ocean Stars." "Your work in SL is amazing and inspiring."

Feedback from Amali Bunter October 2019

Amail's Volunteering experince in Sri Lanka

"I was really happy to be returning to Sri Lanka after four years to see the progress of Ocean Stars Lanka, visit the preschools and projects, spend time with the staff and share the experience with fellow UK volunteers. The trip didn't disappoint! Ocean Stars has come a long way and our focus on 'quality' education is really coming through within our established network of preschools and projects. Our all-island staff from Trincomalee, Yatiyanthota and Killinochchi attended the teacher training this year where we saw our 3 preschool mentors training all the other teachers on how to monitor the progress of their children and we had great fun thinking up ideas for lessons based on science, such as 'pushing' and 'pulling' with the Megabloks. After almost 15 years of running, we are also seeing the impact of the long-standing programmes, with our first-ever sponsor child getting a place at university (the first time anyone in her whole community has ever accepted a place), and the local team has just received their first-ever grant from World Vision to conduct nutrition training to preschool teachers and parents. Despite all this progress, the backdrop of the Easter bombings and rise of mental health challenges / financial pressures in the rural communities demonstrated the importance of the Ocean Stars community, which is clearly valued by so many people across the country."
Amali Bunter

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Volunteers leading parachute games

Volunteers in preschool

Volunteer in a school in Sri Lanka

Pre-school tasks

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Volunteers visiting Hope House

Volunteers in preschool


Volunteer Crafts in Secondary School

Feedback from Jack Emmett July 2019

Jack Emmett Volunteer 2019

The past week has been a very busy and incredibly eye-opening experience. Unfortunately, I was unable to bring out a group of Durham university volunteers because of the Easter attacks. Despite this these past days have given me a useful insight into the day to day life of OST so that hopefully next year an expedition can be arranged successfully.

Since my arrival in Sri Lanka a week ago and the warm welcome offered to me by Dilanee and Sudha, Sri Lanka has constantly surprised me. The most unforgettable aspect of the trip for me personally has been meeting all the children. I was able to visit four preschools, a secondary school, Hope House and attended a teacher's training course. The warmth and excitement of all the children was truly touching, they seem to be welcoming every opportunity for education with open arms.

During my time here I have also been able to read up on the history of Sri Lanka and the regions I have visited as well as gain first-hand experience. The civil war was a harrowing period that I wish I knew more about before coming. And obviously the semi recent tsunami that affected so many thousands of families and the more recent bombing attacks. For me, it is remarkable to see how things at least on the surface seem to be healing. OST is playing no small part in that healing process.

I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to Dilanee and the entire OSL team as well as all the teachers and children for so openly and positively introducing me to this beautiful culture and for sharing your optimism for the future with me. The work you are all involved in is invaluable in a way that words cannot express. I will try my utmost to make sure that Durham University can assist in every way possible with OST's future ambitions. I feel like every person here deserves a medal.