What we do in Sri Lanka

We run and support many projects in different areas in Sri Lanka. Click on the links to each area to see what projects we are involved with there.

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Teacher Training Project, Child Sponsorship, Playgroup Link Scheme
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We support the work of a large children's home called Mahadeva














 What we do with your money
  • Finance the extensive pre-school operation in Batticaloa and the Eastern Province.
  • We pay teachers a monthly wage
  • We pay a local team of administrators of the pre-school operation
  • We fund new projects, for example new pre-school buildings
  • We provide 500 or more childnre with new uniform and school bags every year
  • We provide classroom furniture and resources for pre-schools
  • We support cultural links between schools in UK and Sri Lanka
  • Through our Gift Catalogue donations we make a real difference to individual families' livelihoods

For full details click to our what we do with your money page or visit our accounts on the Charity Commission website, charity number 1110022.

What we do in the UK - Cultural Exchanges/ Social Enrichment

Calthorpe Park School Fleet" visit Schools in Batticaloa

Calthorpe School in Fleet has been linked up with Secondary schools in Batticaloa so that students can develop a cultural link. This culminated with a visit to Sri Lanka in 2013 of 15 students and 3 teachers from Calthorpe Park School. The visit was such a success that another group of 15 students 4 teachers visited Sri Lanka in 2014. Another visit is planned for October 2015 and 15 students are busy fund raising and planning for their trip.

balls-equipment.jpgCalthorpe school trip group

Rachel Angel Teacher in Charge of the trips reports:

For me the best part of the whole trip was working with the students in Puliyadimunai school and the difference between working with children in the UK and the children in Sri-Lanka is huge!  The students in Sri-Lanka were so keen to learn English and to have an English person in their classroom.  Everywhere you looked around the classroom were children trying to look in through the windows or stand in the doorway watching what was going on and wanting to take part in the lesson.  The children were very keen to learn and to practise the English they had been taught already.  They were interested to learn about London and knew many words already.  I was impressed with their level of English and even the small children knew how to count.  My favourite day was on the sports day where small children kept coming up to me and asking me to dance with them and they just copied every single thing I did, they were so happy to take part in any type of dancing or game on the day and had so much energy and enthusiasm.  

The second best aspect of the trip was seeing the impact the visit had on our own students.  They worked tirelessly in the heat and even though some of their lessons did not go to plan, they changed activities and coped very well in the circumstances.  I think it made them appreciate how hard teaching can be and how important it is to be spontaneous and positive when things don't go to plan.  The students spent a lot of time talking to the Sri-Lankan students and interacting with them, showing them photos of their families and teaching them words and numbers in their free-time.  We were all shocked as to how bad some of the young children's teeth are and were quite overwhelmed when giving out toothpaste which is such a small thing that we take for granted in the UK.

Coming back to the UK after such a positive and energetic week has brought its challenges.  Teaching students who have so much already and take so many things for granted is difficult after having worked with the Sri-Lankan students who, by nature are all very positive and upbeat and do not complain about trivial matters.  Our strength in our success was the team spirit amongst our group and the students sharing their experiences with their peers. Their determination to make a difference and to re-visit Sri-Lanka next year will keep things positive as we start planning next year's trip!

I could not have done the trip without Tommy and Wendy who were very helpful during the trip and of course, to Dilanee and all the meetings we had in planning and preparing the trip and our wonderful tour guides and friends, Gihan (God) and Modusham (the Cobra) who we all miss very much already.

Calthorpe school trip studentsCalthorpe school trip planning

Student Reflection 

"This has been the best experience of my life....What an emotional roller coaster.....we have changed lives.......absolutely amazing.......priceless moments.

We had met such amazing people with kind hearts and a great appreciation for what we were doing for them, it was hard to say goodbye, but we will never forget them and hope they feel the same

Our feelings were running high and the tears were flowing in streams as we reminisced about the days we had and the people we had met. Now is time for bed as we are going to get up early tomorrow and drive to Colombo!"

The Head Teacher Mr  R.A.Thevarajan of  Bt/Puliyadimunai GTMS Batticaloa reflects on the experience:

 The launching of a Kids Athletic Programme with 9 local schools participating was the highlight of the week for the students from Calthorpe Park School, Fleet, Hampshire. The fundraising the students did during the year helped to finance this event. Over 100 students had to be transported from rural schools to Pulliyadimunai School. There was a party atmosphere the whole day. Various different events were organised, javelin, long jump, endurance events and with a plate of noodles for everyone at lunchtime. Ocean Stars provided over 300 cartons of chocolate milk for spectators and participants. Mr Taylor from Calthorpe Park School provided a Gangnam-style warm-up for over 100 students.

Mr Thevarajan said of the day......It is with lots of happiness and joy, when I think about this programme lot of colors and  flowers blooming in my mind. This is the first time in Batticaloa district Kids Athletic programme has happened  and I am very proud that it took place  in my school, I would like to thank Ocean Stars for making our people happy and providing us with the funds to make this event happen.

Every single event beginning to end goes very well. The welcome, the sports, certificate giving and cultural programme happened beyond our dreams. Every single item goes with fun. In this time I would like to mention our students and English students participated this event with out any language barrier. Thank you Dilanee and Ocean Stars Lanka and UK for bringing such happiness and joy to the pupils of Batticaloa and Pulliyadimunai School. We will never forget you.

Students have kept blogs during their visits and these can be viewed at: ocean-stars-blog.blogspot.co.uk
You Tube Link: Ocean Stars Sri Lanka Trip 2014 CPS
Calthorpe Park School Blog: oceanstarsteam2014.blogspot.co.uk

 Calthorpe Park Students and Team 2 Members Reflect on their recent trip to  Sri Lanka

"This trip has been as incredible experience. I will never forget any of this."

"The Sri Lankan students trusted us implicitly and it is an honour and privilege to work with them."

"They appreciate everything. Even a sticker."

"They have so little but give us so much."

"Coming back for the second time it has been great to renew friendships."

"It has made me reflect and evaluate the important things in life."

"The interaction between the two cultures has been amazing."

"This has been a trip of a lifetime."

"It has changed my outlook on life."

"This trip has created so many new friendships."

"Everyone has been so friendly and the warm welcomes we have received will stay with me for ever."

"So yeah as I said at the start, this was a life changing trip for me and its helped me to see my own life in a different way."

"It was an absolute delight to see the students interact with those in the schools, to see everyone so happy and smiling and joining together in the activities.  It makes me wish that the magic that exists for that week could be transported to other war-torn areas of the world to make everyone live in peace and harmony