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Batticaloa preschools

16 preschools

Ocean Stars Trust manages 16 preschools in Batticaloa and its surrounding district.

At present we provide schooling for 515 children.

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The list of schools is as follows:

Kurumanvely, Mandoor 1, Mandoor 2, Chenkalady 1, Chenkalady 2, Little Star

Kirankulam, Karaveddy, Soruwamunai, Kannakudah,

Thevilamunai, Ampalanthurai, Thirukkovil 1  Thirukkovil 2,

Kanchirankuda, Navipulthottam, Pattipalai

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Kirankulam Preschool (Batti town)

In the town

Some of the Batti schools are situated in areas within the boundaries of the town, in rooms allocated to us either by the Methodist church or the local district council.

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Thirukkovil 2 Preschool (Batti Town)

In the district

Other schools, located in even poorer and more remote parts of the district, meet in classrooms built by OST.

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Ampalanthurai Preschool (Batti District)

Every year teams from the U.K travel to Batticaloa to work in our schools, bringing support to both the children and teachers.

In October 2017, many of our children received their very first toothbrush and had their first lesson on how to clean their teeth.

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Little Stars Preschool (Batti District)