Our Team in Batticaloa

Ocean Stars Lanka (OSL) is a registered NGO in based in Batticaloa, Eastern Sri Lanka. The charity runs educational and community projects in areas affected by the 2004 Tsunami and 26-year Sri Lankan civil war. Ocean Stars Lanka's is funded by its sister organisation Ocean Stars Trust UK.

Ocean Stars Lanka now have their own website oceanstarslanka.lk.

G. Chithradevi Office Manager

G. Chithradevi
Office Manager

Chithra joined OSL in January 2016. Her responsibility is to look after the office and provide administrative support to other OSL staff. She really likes to discuss with sponsor children, preschool children and pre-school teachers. OSL has to fulfil the basic need to poor families. She usually goes to church with her family in free time. Her dream is to grow OSL bigger than it is now.

P. Shalini Finance Manager

P. Shalini
Finance and Project Manager

Shalini joined in January 2019. Her responsibility is to do the financial activity. She is very happy to work with pre-school children and teachers. OSL has to fulfil the basic need to sponsor children's families. Her free time activities are social works and family trips. Her dream is to spread OSL everywhere in Sri Lanka.

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Preschool Manager and Sponsorship Supervisor

Dishanthini joined Ocean Stars Lanka in January 2020. As Preschool Manager, Dishanthini is responsible for the welfare of our preschool communities. She visits our 16 preschools in the Batticaloa and Amparai districts once a month and to monitor attendance, classroom environment and records any needs the preschool may have in the way of resources. As Sponsorship manager Dishanthini keeps in regular contact with our sponsor families and checks their record books. In her spare time, she likes gardening. Dishanthini would like to see more preschools coming under Ocean Stars Lanka.

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Sponsorship Manager

Hello everyone. It's me Salujah Santhrasekaram. I went to the South-eastern University I completed my 1st degree . I joined OSL in 2022 April 18th. I'm working as the Sponsorship Manager and Preschool Assistant for Ocean Stars Lanka. I feel privileged and proud to be a part of this organisation. I like sports very much. I love to work with children, and I like to help poor children. When I was offered the job with OSL I was so happy, so happy. Thank you.